HEALTH Helps: Restful Sleep

Here are the reasons why I center on GABA-containing substances as the best natural sleep inducer:

GABA is a natural chemical in our body that triggers us to sleep by inhibiting the action of excited neurons. When in vivo quantity is augmented, it further enhances or synergizes the sleep-inducing activity.

5-HTP (hydroxytrptophan) is also a naturally-occurring amino acid in the body that naturally helps in the production of sleep-inducing melatonin and mood-altering serotonin.

L-Theanine is a component of tea which produces calming effects.

I know I get MORE from this multi-component pill that promotes the quality of natural sleep.

I’ve been looking around for a natural way to bring back the rejuvenating wonders of natural sleep because it is the all-around remedy to keep up with our hectic lifestyle. I prefer not to start on pharmaceutical drugs such as the family of short-acting sleep inducers benzodiazepines due to the quality of sleep it produces— totally unnatural, dreamless, literally sleeping like a log, plus the cumulative effect. I also avoid natural sleep-inducers such as melatonin because I wouldn’t like to pop in more pills with the tons of supplements I already take.

I work at varying hours dealing with different time zones & often travel across the International Dateline (IDL) that my internal daytime/nighttime clock, or circadian rhythm, can go awry. To perform at my best the following day, a good “night’s” rest (whether taken at night or during the day) is still the best antidote for all the stress, excitement & work caused by the previous 24 hours. Unfortunately, my body does not cooperate all the time and adrenaline continues to pump that the age-old remedy of counting sheep, reading books & drinking hot cocoa had lost its appeal to lull me to my precious sleep.

I feel great since I started using this GABA++ oral supplement. I don’t feel exhausted or haggard when I wake up, so unlike other sleep remedies that fool you by giving you longer sleep time. And since I feel completely rested (the simplest beauty secret), I feel more radiant to keep up from where I left off the previous day. To get the best results, I take it 30 mnutes before bedtime on a regular basis, & not only during the times when I need it because I believe that our naturally produced melatonin has to sync with the supplementation. It can also be used during anxiety attacks or high-intensity stressful events.

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep (even if I choose it in the day), & it shows in how I perform on my next waking hours— less grumpy & more energized!

Disclaimer: I had purchased, used & currently enjoy using this product. This voluntary & unsolicited product review is intended to share personal insights on facts & actual experiences on its use in order to aid fellow consumers with informed choices in their purchases.

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