BEAUTY Bonus: Regular DIY Facial Cleaning with this 3-Piece Kit

This kit contains 3 pieces of double-ended surgical-grade stainless steel comedone removers and extractors in a fabric holder case. Because there are 6 tips to choose from, there would be something that is right to use that is effective for extraction while at the same time causing minimal pain and damage to the dermis.

It’s unfortunate that I got this kit only now. I am part of the percentage of acne-prone women who had suffered grades 3 and 4 acne with comedones from puberty to menopause. I have been going to my dermatologist for the severe inflammations to have it I&D’d for the past 20 years because I refused to take isotretinoin as a last resort medication. It had somehow been controlled as I aged, but the pores had developed internal scars that continue to generate white and black heads. The procedures I undergo lately are more for aesthetic than medical reasons, since it is now limited to white and black heads with the acne finally controlled. I would not like to subject myself again to the same financial drain I had experienced with my former treatments when I was younger, so having this kit helped a lot on saving trips to the dermatologist or aesthetician.

The tools can be sanitized through boiling and I am guaranteed that it will remain rust-free. It comes in a dainty organizer pouch. I had purchased, used & currently enjoy using this product. This voluntary & unsolicited product review is intended to share personal insights on facts & actual experiences on its use in order to aid fellow consumers with informed choices in their purchases.

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