BEAUTY Bonus: Universal Vitamin C Skin Healer in an Instantly Uplifting Facial Toner


Vitamin C Toner by Joyal Beauty

This is a refreshing and skin-healing and uplifting solution that must be a part of every woman’s beauty regimen. As a facial toner it acts as an astringent to take away dirt and excess oil. I use it prior to applying make-up immediately after washing my face by moistening a cotton ball and applying in broad outward circular sweeps across my cheek and forehead areas with concentration on the T-zone. I extend the application to my neck area for evenness. This allows me to have a more confident clean base that does not cause dryness while taking out the flakiness of my skin for a smoother starting point for the succeeding application of moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation base. Similarly, at night, this toner is used as the final touch for cleaning the face and before putting my other beauty and youth longevity potions.

Because this bottle contains only pure and natural vitamin C, the universal skin healer, plus natural products like organic witch hazel, MSM, aloe vera, neroli hydrosol, glycolic acid from sugar cane, yucca, spirulina, sage, pomegranate, kelp, gotu kola and cranberry, I feel assured of its gentle and healing actions without fear of harsh side-effects such as dryness, itchiness, or allergy, while enjoying the subtle uplifting scent that invigorate the senses. The bottle comes with a convenient pump that promotes less wastage. I had purchased, used & currently enjoy using this product. This voluntary & unsolicited product review is intended to share personal insights on facts & actual experiences on its use in order to aid fellow consumers with informed choices in their purchases.

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