BOOK Worm: Romantic Pirate Adventures… Imagination is Not Only for Children

kindle-logoAnything that spins my 9-year old daughter’s imagination is something I indulge in. I guess in this eBook, I even got to question my own

This book presents the quest of the main character John Carroll & his pet cat for adventure, & he received the thrill with magic. He befriends the once fearful pirate Captain Simon Peabody who accompanies him in saving magic.

From a technical perspective, this 92-page, 2,252 kB eBook takes a few seconds to download. It has simultaneous device usage that allows sharing across all devices, so my daughter gets to read the book by the individual standalone pages from my iPhone when we are mobile, or on my Kindle during bedtime. The artwork for the cover page shows the maritime adventure ahead.

I am rating this book a five-star guided by my priority criteria of personal relevance & objective achievement for selecting the books my daughter & I read together to hone her storytelling skills for younger children. The story is continuously intriguing, while encouraging imagination to the reader/audience with scenarios only our less inhibited & spontaneous selves can bring us to.

Disclaimer: I had purchased & read this eBook. This voluntary & unsolicited book review is intended to share personal insights on facts & actual experiences on its use in order to aid fellow consumers with informed choices in their purchases.

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About Thea @ Interested in the new, intrigued by the legendary, fascinated with the unexplained... putting thoughts into words --- an indescribable passion. An Industrial Engineering by profession... Sales & Marketing by orientation... Writing as an expression.

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  1. Thea, thank you for such a wonderful review! I am pleased to have had the opportunity to indulge your imagination as much as your daughter’s 🙂


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