TECH Tips: Single Page Collaboration with Easy Share & Access through Social Sites

I love the simplicity of use of this productivity app. It’s true that things can be overwhelming when I have several ongoing projects and the files are all over different applications and storage. It takes time out of my efficiency to keep all programs running and finding files, photos, calendars just to access the data I need to come up with my final output. Worse, it can overwhelm others, too, if all of you share a lot of information and they are cluttered all over the space.

Due to preference of my other collaborators and partners, I use BaseCamp for income-generating activities which are closed within a group, and can be accessed only by logging into the site through a computer for a subscription fee.

Since I got introduced on Samepage, which by the way is free, I saw the option of using it for my extra-curricular activities. This is mainly because the “Page” that I create per event can be shared through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or through simple link-sharing through email/instant messaging/short messaging service (sms).

Don’t get me wrong, Samepage can likewise be used for secure information as long as the sharing option is disabled, which is right under the social media buttons. And the appropriate edit/view option is selected by the Page creator.

Past security, sharing and accessibility features, the page can be
1. pasted with links of cloud drive folders, files, photos, videos, etc., and
2. uploaded
3. attached
4. pasted
1. file, photo and video
2. calendars
3. maps
4. tasks
I can also directly type text and tables onto the Page.

The Page display can be arranged to my preference. You can be as creative or geeky as you please. This is a plus to consider because the app shows left to right columns in sequence, and you can put the more important items in this location for easier smartphone and tablet viewing.

It also has an instant messaging section, so communication is all in one place. This eliminates use of email, text messaging, social media instant messaging and VOIP (voice over internet protocol) services to get messages across one another.

I highly recommend this simple, user-friendly collaborative application Samepage for people of all ages and technical level. It just eases organization in this highly diverse techie world, and allows one to enjoy the activity/event, that is socializing with people, the way it should be.

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