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HEALTH Helps: Keep High Blood Pressure at Bay with a Trusty Monitor a Minute Away

I have to admit that at my age of 40-ish (ehem, closer to 50-ish), keeping a constant eye on my vital signs is ultra-important. Monitoring my blood pressure regularly offers a view of what is going on in the inside, if, when and even if I don’t feel other symptoms on the outside. I will hold illness away as long as possible as much as I could.

I always read that high blood pressure or hypertension is a symptom of toxin accumulation in the interior of the blood vessels, may it be cholesterol, fats, etc. Despite keeping my weight or body mass index within the standard, I am still accepting the fact that bad substance accumulation can still happen in the internal lumen of my veins and arteries. So to keep a close watch on what’s going on inside my body, I regularly monitor my blood pressure after varied activities and diet.

Thank goodness I found this Upper Arm Blood Pressure by Health Gurus. Not only can I do it alone, without the technical expertise of using a stethoscope & mercury sphygmomanometer (and alone at that!), which my medical-allied friends confirm is still the most accurate, but it is extremely user-friendly. The instructions are right at the armband and the buttons are intuitive at that, with only a press of the buttons to reset the counter, and you’re ready to go with your reading.

Since my purpose for it is to observe how my blood pressure reacts to my various activity levels and diet composition, I am extremely happy that it records the previous readings. In this way, I can track the ups and downs without having to take a pen and paper to record all my readings (a total of 60 readings). The LED display is awesome. It does not consume lots of power from the batteries, the display is in clear dark numerics in a bright background, so it is very readable.

What more, you get readings of your heart rate, too. So, it’s an excellent alert buddy for the condition of your heart.

I would recommend this even for people suffering from arthritic fingers and who desire to remain independent with regard to activities of daily living (ADL) because it is extremely lightweight, as well as easy to maintain and store in its own pouch.

Every home should keep one of these.

Amz.IMG.amazon-logo-black-squareDisclaimer: I had purchased, used & currently enjoy using this product. This voluntary & unsolicited product review is intended to share personal insights on facts & actual experiences on its use in order to aid fellow consumers with informed choices in their purchases.

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