HEALTH Helps: A Slimming Fruit in a Tablet

My aim is to keep within my weight range, and this is the MOST CONCENTRATED garcinia cambogia formulation I have tried where half the minimum recommended serving does the work. That’s less oral intake for me with the multitude of supplements I take daily.

GC.IMG.OfficalPic.Contents.71cYDZAjDxL._SL1150_COMPARISON WITH OTHER FORMULAS: This is super strength, and I only use half the recommended serving for weight maintenance. Comparatively, each capsule of this brand gives 85% hydroxycitric acid (HCA) per 1,500 milligrams, or 1,275 milligrams thereabout. It has the bonus content of potassium to keep my internal biochemistry stable.

BACKGROUND: I am quite comfortable with my weight of 120 pounds in a 157 centimeter frame. I occasionally tip the scale when I binge on fast-food and high carb meals just to make sure my tummy isn’t empty during high-intensity high-pressure periods. I can’t control the havoc in my work and home life, but I will surely try controlling new fat cells from forming and fattening me up at the wrong places to keep the way I am now.

Genetics dictate that I have an apple figure, which mean that my hip area can grow awfully wide ahead of the rest of my body. My rule of thumb is not to change pant size. So once it starts getting tighter, I have to start monitoring the amount and quality of food I eat.

The garcinia cambogia craze spread like wild fire, and thought why don’t I try prevention of new fat cells from forming while controlling what is already present, that is, in the absence of diet and exercise. My regimen is to take only half the minimum dosage recommendation of 2 tablets once a day an hour before meals. In the last 2 chaotic weeks while still conveniently indulging on unhealthy food, I was pleasantly surprised that my weekend jeans still fit the same way. I seem to have not loaded on fat despite my binge on pasta, Big Macs and endless creamy coffees the way I do during stressful times.

Each time I take a tablet, I feel like I’m just plucking the Southeast Asian cambogia gummi-gatta fruit right off the tree because this formulation has no synthetic binders or fillers. I feel confident that I am controlling my hip expansion (and weight) in an all-natural way. In case I would feel any discomfort, I can merely discontinue use without fear of long-term side-effects. I had purchased, used & currently enjoy using this product. This voluntary & unsolicited product review is intended to share personal insights on facts & actual experiences on its use in order to aid fellow consumers with informed choices in their purchases.

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