HOME Helps: Insects-Away with Easy-to-Install Flexible Screen Door

I travel a lot internationally, and when in tropical places, there can be a lot of mosquitoes and other flying insects when I take home-stay accommodations (accessory dwellings). These flexible screen doors do a good job of keeping the biting pests and flies away from the interior, while allowing cool breeze to blow through. It’s easy to pack and lightweight, I can easily to put it amongst my clothes.

Installation is not a hassle, whether permanently or temporarily. The Velcro that lines the entire top panel is positioned on the top door frame where the door does not swing. The base strip is stuck at home with adhesive, while when used in other places, I use the tacks that come with it. I could choose to bring another Velcro base strip and stick it with double adhesive tape, but this I have to provide. The sides are attached as well.

The nice thing about it is it falls back neatly closed after being opened either way. No need to remind anyone to close the screen. Pets and small children can also pass through without having a door knob to reach, fingers caught in-between or banging doors. It also gives a translucent view from within keeping me in touch with whatever is happening outside.

It fits the standard door opening of 34” x 82”, which does not problems for smaller openings, as it can easily be adjusted for smaller openings by relocating where it is attached. It comes in black so it doesn’t soil easily, and allows a little more privacy from onlookers outside.

When dirty, I simply hose off with water, or tumble it in the washer.

Amz.IMG.amazon-logo-black-squareDisclaimer: I had purchased, used & currently enjoy using this product. This voluntary & unsolicited product review is intended to share personal insights on facts & actual experiences on its use in order to aid fellow consumers with informed choices in their purchases.

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