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TECH Tips: My First SEO Course: Comprehensive & Easy-to-Understand for E-Marketing Beginners

This is an awesome and user-friendly course for marketers who would like to take advantage of gaining a competitive edge in search engine optimization (SEO). Statistics show that a big percentage of would-be customers search the web prior to making a purchase, so marketing efforts are geared towards efficient exposure through the internet at the world wide web.

The course is all online in video and literature formulated by a team of four internet marketing experts. The course is laid out in 100 short lessons of 2 to 8 minutes for a total of 6 hours, so it’s easy to take it at your own pace and squeeze it into your schedule no matter how busy you are.

It also includes SEO studies by research firms such as Searchmetrics which include an analysis of keyword performance via observable and measurable factors like social media factors, links, user signals and on-page factors. The lessons give tips and tricks to maximize these elements in order to get ahead from the rest of the pack vying to be first in their keyword of choice.

A ready resource of reference links are provided, and the panel of experts are easily reachable for questions and suggestions. A presentation of MOZ stats chief executive officer (CEO) Rand Fishkin is also included.

I am not a tachie geek millennial, just a baby boomer trying to find her own space in this fast-paced world, yet I appreciate the points raised as doable despite scarce promotional resources. It actually took all of my braveheart to get started marketing through Amazon, and every little help counts. I’m happy I took the course to further enhance my self-learning in this field of electronic retail. So far, sales by count had improved significantly from 3 transactions a day to double. Probably, by the time I get to implement all the recommendations, it would have increased a hundred-fold!

The learnings are important for people who would like to increase the searchability of their link, in my case my Amazon product page URL. I plan to use it to promote my professional product reviewer blog as well.

Take this great opportunity of learning from the Udemy… They are offering the course at only $19, normally priced at $399. Just click on the link below for the steal.


Disclaimer: I had taken the online course. This voluntary & unsolicited training course review is intended to share personal insights on facts & actual experiences on its use in order to aid fellow consumers with informed choices in their purchases.

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