BOOK Worm: “Dobyns Chronicles” by Shirley McLain… An Emotional Saga of Three Siblings in 1900 Rural America whose Timeless Solid Family Values Kept Them Together through Thick & Thin

kindle-logoReading this chronicle made me reflect on my family values and what I am to leave for my generations to come. Though set at the turn of 1900 century rural Oklahoma and Texas, the core principles of helping out and standing by loved ones above all other priorities present timeless demonstrations of family, love and taking care of each other.

This 260-pager revolves around Charles Kenly Dobyns and his siblings David and Viola who vowed to stick together after the early unfortunate passing of their parents. Physically and morally able as the eldest at 16 years, Charles consistently demonstrated his strong will and fortitude as together they faced their future travails with hope and faith.

The pace and style of narration is captivating. It is a chapter turner, where after having to leave off, I look forward to picking it up again to revel with the sibling’s new adventures.

On the technical aspect of the eBook, the 1,569 kB file downloads easily & shares readily across all our devices, so it was an easy pick up anywhere I am, from where I last left off, and using whatever device I had on hand.

I am rating this book a five-star guided by my priority criteria of personal relevance & objective achievement for selecting the books I read, while the author presents it in an enjoyable and gratifying manner. I have to praise the author’s writing style for keeping my interest drawn to the chronicle of events till the end.

Disclaimer:  I had purchased & read this eBook. This voluntary & unsolicited book review is intended to share personal insights on facts & actual experiences on its use in order to aid fellow consumers with informed choices in their purchases.

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    • Hi, Shirley,

      I enjoyed your book. It was actually a tear-jerker for me as I salute the strong wills of the characters in every experience they encounter. I hope you continue writing good books, as these bring us to realms which guides us through our actual experiences in the real worlds.

      All the best,


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