BOOK Worm: “Dead Scary” by Sally Gould… an Engaging Pre to Early Teen Story on the Values of Compromise in Times of Conflict Despite Seemingly Irreconcilable Differences- an Entertaining, Fast-Paced Read on the Eventual Friendship Between a Living and the Fascinating World of Earthbound Spirits

kindle-logoThis would be a good introductory story for the fascinating understanding of the world beyond. This is the first book my 9-year old daughter & I have read together from the book collection of Sally Gould published by Orbis Media on the 12th of December, 2014, and we’ve made a pact to read more of her engaging stories on the important values of growing up into fine young adults, and be entertained at the same time.

This 147-pager revolves around 14-year old Adam Castle who made good use of his gift of communication with earthbound spirits to protect his family after moving into their dream house unfortunately claimed by a teen ghost or earthbound spirit that wanted the house all to himself.

Though the setting is between two worlds, a representation of supposedly irreconcilable differences, the basic everyday reality of conflict, negotiation and compromise ensue as opposite parties use their powers of persuasion, force and plain good-naturedness to achieve their own objectives. In my opinion, the story follows the adage that good eventually rules over evil and selfish motives, as long as you use your head and heart when making decisions.

We ended the book by sharing that there could be a better title to represent the book, as it is not at all scary when after-life entities are represented to have the same human customs and values of establishing social rules, fairness and justice.

On the technical aspect of the eBook, the 465 kB file downloads easily & shares readily across all our devices, so it was an easy pick up anywhere we are from where we last left off and using whatever device we had on hand.

I am rating this book a five-star guided by my priority criteria of personal relevance & objective achievement for selecting the books I read for my child, while presenting it in an enjoyable and gratifying manner. It is our first pre-teen/early teen book read, and it had us engrossed from the first page, we just had to finish it in two sittings.

Disclaimer:  I had purchased & read this book. This voluntary & unsolicited book review is intended to share personal insights on facts & actual experiences on its use in order to aid fellow consumers with informed choices in their purchases.

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  1. Hi Thea,
    Thanks very much for your lovely review. I’m glad your daughter liked Dead Scary.
    Best Wishes,


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