Blogging 101: Assignment #1 — “Who I Am & Why I’m Here”

Blogging 101, from the term itself, seems to be a door that would open to a new world of professionalized blogging, a bit & parcel of the umbrella term “digital marketing”.  Overwhelmed with this new trend from classical marketing turned all-encompassing digital marketing, I choose to take my first bite of the formal e-marketing morsel with this course via the WordPress service-oriented site, something I had luckily stumbled upon in this over-communicative world.

I am enumerating my personal objectives for readers to see if we are wearing the same shoes, though topic & audience interests may vastly vary.  Firstly, I hope to develop the knowledge & skills for producing quality content, secondly, to develop a targeted following, and lastly, to cultivate continuous engagement.

simplifying Digital Marketing tasks

simplifying Digital Marketing tasks

Though the first objective can be gained through both private & public sites, the second & third objectives can only be achieved by going public. This site will hopefully evolve into a simplified 101 site for digital marketers in general, then zoom into the pharmaceutical & medical device industries from which I had thrived in the past.  I also hope to achieve a pro blogger status for niche interests, such as e-marketing & entrepreneurship, and e-life, in general.

Albert Einstein & his theory of relativity
Albert Einstein & his theory of relativity

When this interest continues & proves viable, then replication begins.

“You have to learn the rules of the game.
   And then you have to play better than anyone else.”
   or… just find your niche, then rule!

About Thea @ Interested in the new, intrigued by the legendary, fascinated with the unexplained... putting thoughts into words --- an indescribable passion. An Industrial Engineering by profession... Sales & Marketing by orientation... Writing as an expression.

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