Daily Archives: January 4, 2015

Digital Marketing: Start with acknowledging the media noise

Marketing had evolved through time, but its core meaning of “selling a benefit to answer a need” remains the same.  To reach the ultimate objective, it does not rely solely on having an excellent message or content, but most importantly, to maximize the channels to reach your end-users effectively.  This makes the basics a continuous process of learning, because not only does a marketer need to construct content that is appealing, but it also has to get it across in an interesting manner.

blog101.15.1.4.DigMktg.imagesDigital marketing  is a glorified catch-all phrase that makes one
sound tech-oriented, yet few understand that it is comprised of
numerous niches that uses various ratios of knowledge and skills between classic old-school and advanced technology.


The frog that stays in the slow-boil water is the marketer who
does not double-, triple- or make a quantum leap in his methods of getting messages across— a downward escalator indeed if one stays in place. Initiative is the first step.  And with all the media noise, I end with Stephen Covey’s “first things first” principle: but, which is first?