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Blogging 101: Assignment #1 — “Who I Am & Why I’m Here”

Blogging 101, from the term itself, seems to be a door that would open to a new world of professionalized blogging, a bit & parcel of the umbrella term “digital marketing”.  Overwhelmed with this new trend from classical marketing turned all-encompassing digital marketing, I choose to take my first bite of the formal e-marketing morsel with this course via the WordPress service-oriented site, something I had luckily stumbled upon in this over-communicative world.

I am enumerating my personal objectives for readers to see if we are wearing the same shoes, though topic & audience interests may vastly vary.  Firstly, I hope to develop the knowledge & skills for producing quality content, secondly, to develop a targeted following, and lastly, to cultivate continuous engagement.

simplifying Digital Marketing tasks

simplifying Digital Marketing tasks

Though the first objective can be gained through both private & public sites, the second & third objectives can only be achieved by going public. This site will hopefully evolve into a simplified 101 site for digital marketers in general, then zoom into the pharmaceutical & medical device industries from which I had thrived in the past.  I also hope to achieve a pro blogger status for niche interests, such as e-marketing & entrepreneurship, and e-life, in general.

Albert Einstein & his theory of relativity
Albert Einstein & his theory of relativity

When this interest continues & proves viable, then replication begins.

“You have to learn the rules of the game.
   And then you have to play better than anyone else.”
   or… just find your niche, then rule!

Digital Marketing: Start with acknowledging the media noise

Marketing had evolved through time, but its core meaning of “selling a benefit to answer a need” remains the same.  To reach the ultimate objective, it does not rely solely on having an excellent message or content, but most importantly, to maximize the channels to reach your end-users effectively.  This makes the basics a continuous process of learning, because not only does a marketer need to construct content that is appealing, but it also has to get it across in an interesting manner.

blog101.15.1.4.DigMktg.imagesDigital marketing  is a glorified catch-all phrase that makes one
sound tech-oriented, yet few understand that it is comprised of
numerous niches that uses various ratios of knowledge and skills between classic old-school and advanced technology.


The frog that stays in the slow-boil water is the marketer who
does not double-, triple- or make a quantum leap in his methods of getting messages across— a downward escalator indeed if one stays in place. Initiative is the first step.  And with all the media noise, I end with Stephen Covey’s “first things first” principle: but, which is first?

GUTta Get our Good Bacteria Buddies in Tip-top Condition! —

Good bacteria keeps the bad bacteria at bay.

The digestive tract plays an important role in our body as it is the means by which nutrients from the food we eat are absorbed for use in various bodily functions, which include not only to regulate, grow and regenerate to the microcellular level, but also to protect it from diseases.  Because of these, it is important to keep our digestive system in tip-top shape by balancing the best count of good bacteria that will keep the bad bacteria at bay and boost gut performance to the maximum.
We know that the diet, lifestyle and constantly stressful situations we encounter daily may cause an undesirable imbalance of these bacteria, and may often be the cause of mood swings, malabsorption of vitamins and minerals, and worse, cause diseases like high blood pressure that can ultimately lead to stroke.

Certified safe. Contains the good bacteria “bacillus coagulans” to fight the invasion of bad bacteria.

This makes it important for us to make a conscious effort to keep our gut healthy by supplying it with the correct good bacteria enough to combat the invasive tendencies of bad bacteria when our immune system is down or becomes compromised due to illness or stress.  However our diet may not sufficiently provide this, Blue Sky Retail has introduced its Living Natural Advanced Probiotics, a unique formulation composed of Unique IS-2 (bacillus coagulans) 75mg and NutraFlora P-95 (fructooligosaccharide or FOS) 500mg, to supplement the demands of colon health.  When taken regularly, it not only guarantees an array of health benefits like taking away chronic stomach pains such as bloating, gas and indigestion, but also improves bowel movement through prevention of constipation.  Taking 1 to 2 Living Natural Advanced Probiotics tablets on an empty stomach daily provides a feeling of being less weighed down and makes you enjoy a flat belly sensation.  And not only that, it also helps improve your moods, enhances metabolism and immunity, and helps lowers blood pressure.

Living  Natural Probiotics is produced from only quality ingredients and handled with the right storage conditions to protect the product’s integrity. It is manufactured in state-of-the-art US facilities approved according to FDA standards. Living Natural Probiotics and other Living Natural products are available at

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Discover the Easiest Way to Slim Down, Keep Fit and Stay Healthy with LIVING NATURAL YACON SYRUP —

Check out the benefits of taking Living Natural Yacon Syrup daily and start enjoying life to the fullest!

all-natural, safe & healthy

all-natural, safe & healthy

Blue Sky Retail introduces its new product Living Natural Yacon Syrup in its gourmet food line of natural products this 2014.  Aimed at helping health-conscious people stay fit through eating, supplementing or substituting ordinarily processed foods with nutritious natural foods, Living Natural Yacon Syrup is Blue Sky’s flagship product for the year.

excellent with coffee, tea & other drinks, at only 1/3 the calories.

excellent with coffee, tea & other drinks, at only 1/3 the calories.

Living Natural Yacon Syrup is an all-natural food that helps in slimming down, boosting metabolism and energy levels, and providing overall gut protection.  It is a great tasting alternative sweetener that does not only suppress in-between meal sugar cravings, but also gives only a third of the calories of ordinary table sugar.  Taken alone, with drinks, or used in preparing foods like cookies or muffins, it gives a rich sweet flavor similar to molasses.  By simply substituting sugar or sweetener with the equivalent amount of yacon syrup gives a delectable twist to refreshing drinks like juice, tea or coffee, homemade and gourmet cuisine, and even grandma’s time-tested recipes.  Whilst improving the flavor of food and drinks, this natural wonder helps make them healthier, too!

made from only pure quality yacon crops

made from only pure quality yacon crops


yacon plant

The yacon root is a soluble fiber that helps people feel full.  Yacon contributes few calories because it passes through the body undigested.  The active ingredient, which leads to weight loss, is fructooligosaccharides (FOS).  FOS is also found in onions, garlic, asparagus, bananas, artichokes and chicory, but the concentration in yacon is much higher.  With a low GI (or glycaemic index), this makes it suitable for diabetics and those suffering from digestion problems.  Fiber assists in lowering blood sugar, cuts cholesterol and can help to prevent colon cancer by pushing waste out through the colon.  It absorbs water and cleans the gastric cavity along the way for ease with bowel movements which eliminates internal toxins faster. Additionally, the low GI of this root crop extract results to the steady rise of glucose level in the blood, which in turn leads to small gentle increases of insulin in the body.  This maintains the feeling of fullness for longer periods and prevents unwanted between-meal snacking, a better and healthier method than dieting or skipping meals.

As to all of Blue Sky’s food products, it has an excellent safety profile. It is produced from only pure quality yacon root crops, with no coloring or additives used to alter its purity.  It is manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities approved according to FDA standards.  Living Natural Yacon Syrup and other Living Natural products are available at

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